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In this series, The Wonders explore what has held back humanity and its advancement of consciousness.


Humanity, as a whole, has attempted to expand itself. Not from the perspective of its own consciousness as much as the perspective of its existence. It has evolved, and through evolution, has gained new insights about itself. You’ve begun to realize that you have a mind and you’ve used that tool called the mind to a greater and greater extent. And in so doing, you perceive that you’ve expanded yourselves.


You look at yourselves and you say, “We’ve gone through the Stone Age, we’ve gone through the Ice Age, we’ve gone through the Industrial Age, and now into the Technological Age.” You look around you and you see all of the material things that you’ve created for yourselves and you pride yourselves on your ability to use natural materials and forge them into other tools, other articles that enhance your ease of existence. And, to that degree, you’ve accomplished it, and will continue to accomplish it, for mankind as a whole will continue to use its mind to enhance its own environment. But given all of that, what else has humanity done? When you look at yourselves as a consciousness, humanity has not progressed a great deal.


Includes the following recordings:


1. Reviewing Choices Made To Present

2. Observing Movement

3. Exploring Alternatives

4. Choosing The New Paradigm

5. Greater Exploration Of A New Direction

6. Probabilities And Possibilities Of Choice


Total listening time: 4:33:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

    The Direction Of Humanity - Series 519

    SKU: 519-c-06
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