In their first published book, The Wonders present six interlocking statements that, in and of themselves, define the totality of all existence not only in 3rd dimensional reality but throughout every dimension and are intended to provide you with an opportunity for self empowerment and understanding. In so doing, The Wonders impart a whole new way of looking at life: they define existence in a way that has never been done before.

From the first statement, Existence Is But An Extension Of Yourself, to the last, All That I Am Is Love, All That You Are Is Love - a sixth and final statement that encompasses the first five - The Wonders create a journey that can move you beyond the long-held impression that existence is simply that which you perceive through the five senses, and lead you to explore the notion that you are the creator of your own existence and, as such, you are not limited by either circumstances or by what some people describe as destiny or even karma.

The Defining Statements of Existence - eBook

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