The Benefit And Value Explored Of The Mirror Exercise - Series 1337

Excerpt from Session #1337-02-22: What Did You Gain From It?
This session is about reducing stress. The Wonders explain why fear is at an all-time high in the world today. The importance of reducing stress is emphasized as well as tied into explorations of the future of humanity.

This is an exploration of the resistance, the willingness to choose, the resistance that you have against choosing, the resistance you have against seeing yourselves, the willingness to not define yourself and, of course, more perspectives about mirror work, mirror exercise and new constructs and concepts involving that.

Includes the following recordings:

  1. Did You Complete The Mirror Exercise?
  2. What Did You Gain From It?

  3. Having Understood
  4. Is There More For You To Explore?
  5. Let’s Discuss Your Perspectives

  6. A New Idea Presented
  7. What Will Be Your Choice Now?
  8. Given The Realization, What Is Your Understanding?
  9. Look And You Will See

  10. What Are You So Afraid Of?
  11. Please, Stop Denying Yourself
  12. The Only One You Hurt Is Yourself
  13. The More You Insist, The Less You Create

  14. Eventually, All Must Release
  15. There Is More To Be Done, It’s Your Choice
  16. Can’t Create, Can’t Try, Can’t Choose – Oh My
  17. You Must Begin Now

  18. The Movement To Self-Expression Began Long Ago
  19. Perspectives That Will Help You Realize Where You Are
  20. The Purpose Of The Mirror Is…

Total listening time: 07:06:00

The Benefit And Value Explored Of The Mirror Exercise - Series 1337

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