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Why it is that you require beginnings and endings in order to move forward? Each and every one of us views beginnings and endings as an integral part of our lives. But if we are constant and continuous, can beginnings and endings really exist?

In the fifth workshop of 2018, The Wonders guide a group of participants to explore the concepts of beginnings and endings, and ask them to honestly examine their own journeys in life.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Why Is It That An End Exists?
2. If An End Exists, That Implies A Beginning
3. What Is The Difference Between The Beginning And The End?
4. Is A Journey Beginning And Ending?
5. When Did The Choice Become?
6. Moving Into Further Exploration Of Endings
7. Choosing To Let Go Of The Concept
8. Redefining The Concept Of Love And Appreciation
9. Exploring Nonlinearly - Does That Imply Anything?
10. Given The Zigzag, Let's Zig, Not Zag.
11. Look At Your Life. What Are Your Beginnings?
12. What Steps Have You Taken To Move From That?
13. Taking A Step On A Journey To End
14. Creating Artificial Endings
15. The Illusions That Limit Your Exploration
16. Choosing A Reality Beneficial For You
17. Don't Start, Don't Begin And Don't End.
18. Don't Wait, Don't Delay And Don't End.
19. This Series Will Have An Ending
20. But This Is Not The End

Total listening time: 5:53:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

The Beginning Of The End - Series 1137

SKU: 1137-c-18
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