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You can continue to believe you are simply a physical being incarnated, experiencing third-dimensional reality to the best of your ability. Or you can choose to see yourself a little differently.
In this powerful series, The Wonders guide you towards unshackling yourself from the limitations of your mind and realizing that in a limitless way, you are not simply a frail, fragile human being. You are more.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Last Time You Explored Death, The Time Before That You Explored Love, Now You're Going To Explore Life
2. So What Is Life?
3. Are You Living Now?
4. How Do You Know?
5. Please, We're Dense, Explain It To Us
6. And So It Goes
7. Once Again Fear Involves Itself
8. Can't You Really Move Beyond This?
9. Oh Well, Let's Forget It All
10. I Think, Therefore I Am
11. Well That's A Change
12. Don't Understand This Belief Thing
13. Don't Believe This Understanding Either
14. If I Follow This Pattern, I Will Succeed
15. I Did And I Haven't
16. Take Me To A Place That I Belong
17. I'm Too Scared To Choose
18. The End Is Near, What Do I Do?
19. Faced With Choice, What's Next?
20. I Don't Know If I Will Survive

Total listening time: 4:55:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

The Beginning Of Life And The Movement Towards Death - Series 1175

SKU: 1175-c-19
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