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Experience the 2014 Retreat from Rene & The Wonders.


This is a retreat for all of the adventurous souls out there, those who want to explore, expand, and uncover little gems within themselves that will lead everyone who attends to create a new life of joy, peace, contentment, and happiness. - The Wonders

Includes the following recordings:

1. Walk Your Talk Without Getting Out Of Bed
2. I've Pooped My Diapers , What Do I Do Next?
3. I Want Money , I Don't Want Work
4. Give Me , Give Me , Give Me , I Want More
5. Music , Bells , Whistles ? Isn't That What It's For?
6. What Stays In Vegas Doesn't Really End Up Staying There
7. No , We're Not Taking Your T-bird Away
8. Is Money The Sole Source Of Happiness? (Of Course It Is)
9. Pull My Finger , See What Happens
10. Let's All Get Together And P-A-R-T-Y
11. I've Got My Girls , I've Go My Yacht , What Have You Got?
12. I've Got My Hunk , What Have You Got?
13. We're Just Here As A Spectator , You Choose
14. And So The Adventure Continues
15. Can You Be Happy While You're Afraid?
16. Discussing Tools To Understand Your Happiness
17. Giving Into Euphoria
18. One Step , Two Steps Forward , Let's Keep Going
19. Discovering The Joy Inside Each Of Us
20. Wrapping Things Up ? Not Yet
21. Taking This Forward And Expanding

Total listening time:018:35:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased

The Adventurous Soul's Guide To Happiness Retreat ? July 2014

SKU: 943-r-14
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