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Do you live by the Ten Commandments? Do they have value for you? Are they necessary?


The Wonders explore the story of Moses, the Ten Commandments, as well as religion and the rules we use to stop ourselves from realizing we are more than just physical beings. The majority of the workshop explores emotional growth and the realization that you are spirit incarnated into a physical body, not an ego and mind with a connection to spirit.


Includes the following recordings:

1. And From The Mountaintop He Came

2. How Hard Was It To Write These?

3. Man, That Stone Was Difficult

4. Broke Three Chisels Doing This

5. Oh, Right - Use The Laser Instead

6. Do You Know How Strong I Had To Be To Carry These?

7. An Ox, A Cart And The Rules - What Do They Have In Common?

8. Why Did No One Listen?

9. Was It Really Worth The Effort?

10. That Which Is - Was It Really All?

11. The Past, The Present And The Future - Where Are We Heading?

12. Would've Been Cheaper To Use Paper

13. Did Not Have A BIC? To Write With

14. Can't Explain It, Don't Understand It, But Here It Is

15. Still Can't Explain It, Still Don't Understand It

16. I'm Not Getting Better Here

17. Tried Them All - Cant Follow Any

18. I'm Ready To Give Up

19. Don't Believe In Any Of Them - Okay, Maybe A Few

20. Tried Them, Failed, Will Try Again

Total listening time: 6:34:00
Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Ten Commandments - Are They Real? - Series 1012

SKU: 1012-c-15
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