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The first workshop of 2018 guides a group of participants towards truly expressing their spirituality in this life.
Follow along this deeply profound exploration as you explore your own psychologies, belief structures, and limitations so that you can set them aside instead of carrying them around as you always have.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Exploring Definitions Of Spirituality
2. Uncovering The Aspects Within Yourselves
3. What You Know And What You Don't
4. Giving Yourself Opportunities For Growth
5. You Can Overcome All That Is
6. Moving From The Physical
7. Gaining A New Advantage
8. Getting Ready To Blast Off
9. Digging Into The Depth Of Spiritual Self
10. Deep Exploration - Is It Valuable?
11. Next Choice To Choose
12. Gaining More Again
13. Letting Go Of The Anchors Of Life
14. Removing The Detritus Of Your Existence
15. Choosing Wisely
16. Wisdom, Understanding And Spirituality : The Relationship
17. Moving Past The Illusions That You're Using Now
18. It Does Require Effort
19. You Cannot Choose With Unwillingness
20. Though Willing, You Must Still Move

Total listening time: 4:45:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Taking Off Into The Spiritual Realm - Series 1120

SKU: 1120-c-18
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