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Complete collection of the 2020 Thursday study group.

The 2020 Thursday study group is an exploration of the unknown, of the impossible, the improbable, with humor and, of course, surprises all the way through. So you must be prepared to attend, for in truth it is a necessity to be present to truly gain the fullness of the surprise. Words alone will not do it. So, listening to it will give you a certain perspective of surprises, yes, for anyone else who is not attending. But those who attend will receive so much more.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Surprise 1

2. Surprise 2

3. Surprise 3

4. Surprise 4

5. No More Surprises

6. Yes Another!

7. Surprise 7

8. Surprise 8

9. Let's Dig Some More

10. Is That It?

11. What Other Surprises Can We Give?

12. The Greatest Surprise Of All

Total listening time: 8:00:00

    Surprise! - Study Group 1265

    SKU: 1265-c-20
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