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This workshop explores practical applications of the second defining statement as well as its relationships to your own personal life.

This is a workshop that explores in many, many ways sufficiency of the self, of the mind and of your existence and, hopefully provide you with a new and expanded understanding perhaps just an expanded understanding of what it is to be sufficient and change your mindset.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Let's Explore Sufficiency
2. Why Do You Think That Is All There Is?
3. Does Sufficiency Have Limits?
4. If Not, Why Not?
5. If So, Why?
6. How Does That Tie In?
7. Do You Truly Understand?
8. Can You Not Accept?
9. Where Does The Beginning Happen?
10. If You Were Truly Sufficient?
11. Would You Not Choose Differently?
12. Why Must You Seek Repetition?
13. To Choose Is Simple
14. To Justify Is Complicated
15. Which Applies To Sufficiency?
16. With All The Understandings, Why Is There More?
17. How Is This Different From The First Defining Statement?
18. This Is An Expansion For Yourself
19. Dig With Questions, Seek With Answers
20. Have You Found The Golden Nugget?

Total listening time: 6:02:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Sufficiency And Its Applications To Your Existence - Series 1271

SKU: 1271-c-21
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