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In this series, The Wonders continue to guide you towards your own spiritual awakening. As they introduce the concept of the Spirit Being, you will recognize the importance of anchoring concepts by changing your language, the questions you ask, and the choices you make.
Continuing the spiritual exploration started earlier in the year, workshop participants are guided to anchor and expand their spiritual awakening.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Wake Up! Wake Up! It's Time
2. What? You're Still Asleep?
3. When Are You Getting Out Of Bed?
4. Roll Over Rover
5. Can't You See What It Is
6. The Difficulty With Spirit
7. Oh Dear! My Blankets! My Blankets!
8. I'm Sucking My Thumb
9. I Don't Like This Movement
10. Oh Yes I Do
11. Wow This Is So Great
12. I Didn't Realize All Of This
13. The World Is Expanding For Me
14. Digging Deeper And Expanding More
15. So Too Shall It Be
16. Brilliance! Wow! Brilliance!
17. Lost My Count, Can't Understand It
18. Breathing, Breathing, Expanding
19. The Breath Of Life
20. Life Itself Is Nothing But Spirit

Total listening time: 5:39:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Spiritual Awakening - Is It Real? - Series 1077

SKU: 1077-c-17
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