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A complete and final exploration of how society fears, judges, and denies its sexuality. When exploring sexuality based on perspectives of religion and society, one must always explore deviant behavior. The word 'deviant' here is based on religion and society - in truth, simply meaning 'different.' This series, in effect, is a further exploration of sexuality, specifically focusing on deviant-ness.


Includes the following recordings:


1. Oh My God Im A Homosexual
An exploration of homosexuality, it's reasons for choice, and its benefits for choice.

2. Oh My God Im A Heterosexual
An exploration of heterosexuality, it's reasons for choice, and its benefits for choice.

3. I Have An Innie
An exploration of society's fears of the polarity of sexuality.

4. I Have An Outtie
Society is most afraid of an inward exploration of itself and uses religion to limit this exploration.

5. I Want Your Innie... You Can Have My Outtie
Though society fears self-exploration, it is constantly trying to improve itself - it just does so using judgments to validate itself, and therefore, invalidate any differences.

6. Can I Play With Yours?

It's More Fun What most people fear most is the lack of control in sexuality; thus, judgments are given to those who would choose to go beyond society's imposed controls.

Total listening time: 5:26:00
Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Society's Sexual Fears - Series 485

SKU: 485-c-05
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