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An examination of what lies beyond our sexuality. Sexuality from every aspect is explored. This series discusses a number of sexual issues so as to provide you with an opportunity to explore beyond the limits that you've established for yourself. Sexuality, specifically, permeates all of your particular belief structures. It affects the methodology, the techniques, through which you allow yourself to explore your spirituality, your sexuality, your essences of existence. All of this is discussed in this series.


Includes the following recordings:


1. Childrens Sexuality: A Discussion
The Wonders discuss how childrens sexuality affects adult life.

2. Sexuality As It Develops
A look at our sexuality and its developments, and how this always affects our choices.

3. Today I Had Sex-Why Do I Not Feel Good?
An exploration of how we use sex as a way to set aside our spiritual needs.

4. Boy What Fun I Had Last Night
A further exploration of the use of sex as a placebo for spirit.

5. Spiritually Sexual And Sexually Spiritual
A look at how sexuality enhances spirituality, and spirituality enhances sexuality.

6. Beyond Sexuality

An examination of what lies beyond our sexuality.


Total listening time: 5:48:00

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Sexuality And Spirituality - Series 159

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