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Complete collection of the 2015 Tuesday study group, 'Selfless Inclusivity And Its Benefits.'


This will be an exploration of inclusivity and selflessness designed to bring about a greater understanding of the choices necessary for you, as students, to apply to your lives - to deepen and broaden your existence and prepare you for the journey that is coming forward.

So now for you, as part of your journey, we would encourage you to go out and share this with others, so that they too can join this group. In other words, stop being exclusive to yourselves and to this group.

Includes the following recordings:

January - 1. Understanding Selflessness

February - 2. Preparing For The Journey Towards Inclusivity

March - 3. Creating The Space To Choose

April - 4. Giving Yourselves Room For Love

May - 5. Choosing All Out Of Joy

June - 6. Bridging The Gap Between Love And Practicality

July - 7. Using Humor To Move Choice Forward

August - 8. Why Go Back When Forward Looks So Appealing?

September - 9. Creating Brilliance What Will It Take?

October - 10. This Is The Moment Where All Love Is Expressed

November - 11. Choosing Once Again The Next Year's Titles

December - 12. If This Is Inclusivity What Is The Next Step?

Total listening time: 6:54:00

Please note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Selfless Inclusivity And Its Benefits - Study Group 1013

SKU: 1013-c-15
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