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When you think of self-expression, you often times think that its just a way of saying things about yourself. But self-expression is much more than that. It's a way for you to share everything that you are. Your talents, your abilities, your fears, your desires, your loves, your passions, your joys, your happinesses, your sorrows, your pain. Self-expression is really about providing others with the opportunity to get to know everything that you are. Most individuals, when they think of self-expression, think of it in limited terms. And so, the resultant is their self-expression is limited. It is limited to that which they themselves know themselves partially to be, and they even limit that partial knowing by only choosing to express a portion of that partial knowing. This series is about giving you the opportunity to express the completeness of yourselves, not just the partiality.


Includes the following recordings:


1. Defining Self Expression

2. What Is The Self?

3. The Benefits Of Choosing

4. Coming Together For An Exploration

5. Loving The Expression Of The Self

6. Feeling The Moment


Total listening time: 4:23:00

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Self Expression - An Exploration - Series 569

SKU: 569-c-07
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