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The final workshop of 2016 explores the beginning of yourself, the beginning of humanity, and the beginning of your consciousness. This amazing series is a recording of a live workshop with The Wonders. Listen along as workshop participants are guided to new understandings and awarenesses, and shown ways to live from their spirituality.

Includes the following recordings:

1. And In The Beginning
2. There Was You
3. But Then There Came
4. All Of Them
5. And So It Began
6. That Things Changed
7. And Your Mind Was Created
8. To Make Sense Of Everything
9. Nothing Has Been Learned
10. You're Still Working On It
11. Don't Get Burned
12. This Is Not Fire
13. Let's Reawaken
14. To All That Is There
15. This Is Your Magnificence
16. This Is Your Glory
17. You Thought You Knew It
18. Now You're Realizing
19. That Everything You've Learned
20. Was The Beginning And That's It

Total listening time: 5:39:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Returning To The Beginning - Series 1066

SKU: 1066-c-16
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