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This series will be an exploration of a journey - a movement - that will take you beyond that which you have ever thought possible. This is the seventh workshop of 2015.


Includes the following recordings:


1. This Is The Journey - Look Ahead

2. The Road To Nowhere

3. One Step, Two Step - This Is Not A Dance

4. A Movement To Take You Somewhere

5. Once You Get There, What Will You Choose?

6. Why Are You So Serious?

7. This Is Supposed To Be Fun

8. What Does Play Have To Do With All Of This?

9. Well You Can't Play, So Why Discuss Play?

10. Let's Climb A Mountain

11. Oh, That Was Small

12. No, That Was Really Large

13. Are Anthills As Big As Mountains?

14. Let's Ask Maggie

15. What's The Next Part Of This Journey?

16. Choosing The Next Step In The Journey

17. Where Do We Go From Here?

18. Why Bother? We're Not Getting There

19. An Exploration Beyond That Which The Mind Can Use

20. Playing With You

Total listening time: 5:03:00
Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Regrouping For What Comes Forward - Series 990

SKU: 990-c-15
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