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What is a mind? Where does it reside? What is its role and function? These questions and more are explored.
The Wonders guide you towards reframing the relationship between your mind, your brain, and your self. They continue the exploration of the mind and set the foundation for reframing the mind and showing it what its role and function really is.

Includes the following recordings:

1. What Is A Mind?
2. Where Does It Reside?
3. Can It Do Anything For You?
4. Did It Not Create Your Personality?
5. What About Your Ego?
6. Is It So Strong?
7. Can You Not Be Stronger?
8. Don't Give In, Don't Give In
9. It Moves, It Alters, It Shifts, But It Remains The Same
10. Give Yourself Permission To Be Different
11. Without Guidance, What Will The Mind Do?
12. What Would You Do If You Had No Guidance For Yourself?
13. A Choice Is But A Choice Is But A Choice
14. Why Is Command More Powerful Than The Mind?
15. And Yet, Why Is The Mind So Powerful In This Illusion?
16. Is This Illusion Greater Than The Self?
17. At Least, You Would Think So
18. Come What May, I Will Think My Way Through This
19. Without My Mind, I Am Nothing
20. There You Go, Arguing Yourself Again

Total listening time: 5:44:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Reframing The Mind To Become Your Tool - Series 1179

SKU: 1179-c-19
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