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So this will be a workshop that will explore the concept of changing the you - the self - however, we see the attendees not really choosing, just paying lip service, which is why we’ll see them in the next workshop. - The Wonders

Session Titles:


1. Let’s Discuss The Old You

2. What Have You Done So Far?

3. Give It Up – There’s More To Do

4. Change Is The Constant

5. You Too Can Perform

6. Movement Is Like Dance

7. Let The Air Take You - Quit Trying To Force It

8. Choose Your Steps Carefully

9. But Don’t Choose Rigidly

10. Let’s Explore Your Movement

11. What’s Next?

12. Setting The Stage For A Redefinition

13. Stop Repeating The Same Old Patterns

14. Let’s Create A New Interesting Conversation

15. You’re Still Stuck In The Past

16. Do You Really Want A New You?

17. Easy To Say – Not So Easy To Do

18. No Matter What You Say Will You Choose?

19. See You In The Next Workshop

20. You Think We’re Kidding – We’re Not


Total listening time: 06:43:00

Reframing The Existence To A New You - Series 920

SKU: 920-c-14
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