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This series will lead you to really open yourselves to the variety of possibilities, opportunities, expansions, growth's that have, are, and will be provided for you.

We will trigger in some cases, nurture in others, but most of all gift you, to everyone who attends, a thousand-fold gifts beyond anything you could ever imagine.

All sessions were originally recorded in Dolby® Digital Format.

Session Titles

1. What Is A Seed?

2. Can We Give You More?

3. Do You Really Want These?

4. Can We Not Have More?

5.But We've Given You So Much

6.But It's Never Enough

7. But I Want More

8. Absolutely Well Give You More

9. More To Come

10. Seeds Are Multiplying

11.They're Finally Growing

12. Lets Blossom Some More

13. Lets Shine The Brilliance Upon Them

14. Can't Seem To Close The Eyes

15. Everything Is So Bright

16. More Seeds. Are You Nuts?

17. I Want More. I Love More. I Desire More. Please.

18. Our Gift To You

19. Everything We've Given You Is But A Drop In The Bucket

20. You Can Have More. You Must Ask.

21. What Is The Question That Will Open This To More?


Recognizing The Seeds As They Are Planted - Series 737

SKU: 737-c-10
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