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Complete collection of the 2010 Tuesday study group entitled 'Practical Exploration of Feeling.'

This will be a complete, deep exploration (through practical means) of the emotions and feelings, and it will require some work on your parts, dear friends. Major homework.

Includes the following recordings:


January - 1. A Review Of Where You're At
February - 2. Beginning The Practical Exploration
March - 3. Homework To Follow
April - 4. Making Choices To Expand The Exploration
May - 5. New Tools To Use
June - 6. Interaction With Others
July - 7. Feeling Deeper
August - 8. Expansion - An Exploration Of Benefits
September - 9. Choosing To Allow Movement
October - 10. Creating The Flow Of Love And Life
November - 11. You Are The Journey
December - 12. This Is The Goal


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Practical Exploration of Feeling - Study Group 750

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