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How can you create a different reality for yourself that moves you beyond just the physical reality?
In this retreat series, The Wonders will take you from a present perspective to a new present perspective with alternative realities created during the retreat to give you an understanding of your choices and your probabilities for your lives. If you choose, you can dig into the alternatives to your directions presently.


Includes the following recordings:

Day 1
1. What Is The Mind, The Soul And The Self?
2. Expanding This Understanding
3. What Is It That You Now Choose?

Day 2
4. Practical Choices That You Are Making
5. Describe Your Experience
6. Can You Begin Now?

Day 3
7. Let's Not Complicate It
8. Digging Deeper Into The Concepts
9. Giving Yourselves Permission

Day 4
10. Creating A Vision
11. Fleshing It Out
12. Choosing From The Mind

Day 5
13. Now That You Have, Choose From The Self
14. Let's Explore The Difference
15. Don't Create Artificial Limits

Day 6
16. Discussing The Fault And Where It Lies
17. Why Is It That You Blame?
18. Removing The Necessity For Judgment


Day 7
19. Given Your Experience, What Now?
20. Practical Pragmatic Choices To Now Make
21. Truly You Can. Now Choose.

Total listening time: 12:46:00


Please note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Practical Application Of The Mind To The Heart To The Soul

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