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Complete collection of the 2012 Wednesday study group entitled "Opportunities To Explore Conscious Living."

"This study group will be a journey in which you will explore, in practical applications, month by month, living consciously and choosing consciously. You will be given homework, direction , suggestions and it is for you to decide whether you want to invest yourselves, or whether you just want to, once again, listen to the beautiful words of The Wonders and the wonderful, melodious voice that The Wonders come through with. And whether you will be fully lulled to sleep with this wonderful melodious voice that we use, in order to express ourselves to you, in this wonderful melodious way? Or whether you’ll actually make some choices." - The Wonders

Includes the following recordings:


January - 1. Let’s Jump Right In
February - 2. Choosing From The Heart
March - 3. Choosing From The Mind
April - 4. Where’s The Consciousness Really Centered?
May - 5. Are You Sitting On It – Or Have You Changed?
June - 6. Exercises Of Choice
July - 7. No More Waiting – Must Choose
August - 8. Quit Going Backwards – Start Moving
September - 9. Don’t Blame Us – You Chose This
October - 10. We Are The Power – What Are You?
November - 11. Live Your Life – This Is The Journey
December - 12. Practicing What You Preach – Now You Must Choose

Opportunities To Explore Conscious Living - Study Group 867

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