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Recorded during the 2007 Tuesday Study Group, this series will lead and create a vision of what humanity can move towards and give you the practical steps necessary to create it.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Is Religion Necessary?
The Wonders explore the nature of how humanity has held onto the perception that religion “must” exist and hot to move beyond the necessity.

2. Choosing Without Fear
The Wonders provide a perspective of how humanity can move itself to a point where it can begin to choose without fear.

3. Setting The Goals For The New Society
In this session, The Wonders show us how our current society is by design a self-defeating society and what changes can be made in order to move society to expand and grow.

4. Practical Tools To Change Society
The Wonders provide the group practical tools to assist in creating a new way for existing within society.

5. Recreating Religious Concepts To Fit
The Wonders provide new key concepts to move humanity into a new religion and move away from the limiting concepts previously held on to.

6. Let’s Blow Your Socks Off
The Wonders explore what new concepts can be offered to move humanity in new directions and a new religion.


Total listening time: 5:17:00

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Series 567: A Vision Of The New Earth

Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

    New Humanity - New Religion - Series 590

    SKU: 590-c-07
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