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The mind easily convinces us that we live a large life. If were traveling around the world, busy doing this new thing and trying that new thing, of course were living large! Or are we?
In this series, The Wonders guide you to redefine what it means to live small versus large. You will explore the untruths you tell yourself, how to apply the concepts of simplicity, openness and vulnerability into your existence, and what it means to create and live with a mature mind.


Includes the following recordings:

1. You Are This Tiny
2. You Are This Big
3. What’s The Difference?
4. There’s Your Nose
5. Are You Looking?
6. What Have You Discovered?
7. This Is Beautiful
8. Pinocchio Had Nothing On You
9. Is Convincing Lying?
10. Is Lying Convincing?
11. Who Do You Convince?
12. What Are You Afraid Of?
13. This Is Powerful
14. Can’t Believe You Never Did This
15. More To Come
16. What Else Can You Do?
17. Expanding Again
18. Changing The Perspective Of Life
19. No More Goals, No More Aspirations
20. Becoming One As You Choose

Total listening time: 5:18:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Moving Past The Smallness Of Your Life - Series 1050

SKU: 1050-c-16
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