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Right now, your brilliance is defined and measured by your mind. It says you're only this good, or you're really good, or that you're better than everybody else.
But after listening to this series, you may just find that what you thought was your brilliance is nothing more than a definition of your mind, and begin to reawaken to how brilliant you truly are in each moment.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Have You Listened To The Previous Workshop?
2. Did Any Of It Stay With You?
3. Why Do We Ask This Question?
4. Realizing The Self, It Is A Choice
5. Giving Yourself Permission For More
6. You Think You Have It All, And Yet You Don't
7. Don't Be Afraid To Choose
8. Without Knowing
9. Find The Illusion Your Fear Creates
10. Grandstanding Does Nothing For You
11. Look At Your Choices
12. Are You Satisfied With Your Manifestation?
13. Don't Let The Satisfaction Be A Judgment
14. If Brilliance Is Your Choice, You Must Choose
15. Stop Defining Brilliance
16. Simple Expressions Have Greater Power
17. It Is Through Simplicity You Will Discover Yourself
18. Create A Doorway To Yourself
19. We Cannot Tell You What You Are
20. This Is A Choice For You

Total listening time: 5:46:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Moving Into A Realization Of Brilliance - Series 1204

SKU: 1204-c-19
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