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This series explores a variety of concepts and structures that will help you to realize that it’s not really necessary to have fear, but you’ll also realize that for yourself, there is a certain necessity to fear in your existence.


Without fear, you wouldn’t exist. If fear was not part of your psychology, part of your choices, part of your belief structures, what would you do? Though you may imagine yourself in a state without fear, say to yourself, “If I wasn’t afraid of this or that, I could do so much more,” if you didn’t have a fear of this or that, you’d find something else to be afraid of. In other words, you are constantly searching existence for something to be afraid of. That way, you can validate to yourselves that you actually do exist, that this is part of who you are. Fear is, in effect, the wall that reminds you that you are there to push against it. So, to you, fear is very important.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Why Is Fear So Important?

2. Can't Let Go - No Matter How Much I Try

3. Let's Make It A Good Friend

4. Preview To Session Five

5. Exploring The Alternative

6. Meditations To Expand The Concept"


Total listening time: 4:40:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.


Moving Beyond The Necessity Of Fear - Series 513

SKU: 513-c-06
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