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This series is an expansion of the first channeling series (Series 161: Learning To Channel). Explore, expand, and learn new techniques for channeling.


*Recommended teachings to listen to continue this exploration: Series 161: Learning To Channel


Includes the following recordings:


1. Commanding The Mind - A New Perspective 
Virtually everyone tries to use the mind to command the mind. You will examine this concept in this session. 

2. Letting Go Of The Mind 
You will be shown certain steps to use to let go of the mind, and that these steps are only justification for choosing. 

3. Channeling At Its Best. Lets Explore 
Having explored the requirements of channeling, the only missing part is the choice to let go. Participants explore this choice. 

4. Exercises To Expand The Channeling Consciousness 
Exercises and additional meditations are given that will help you expand your channeling abilities. 

5. Eureka I've Got It! 
Channeling is being in the moment without Ego-Personality or Consciousness present. It is an expansion, not a contraction. 

6. Let's Practice - You Don't Have It Yet 
Though participants attempted to channel previously, nobody truly achieved it. This session is additional practice to truly get there.


Total listening time:04:42:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Moving Beyond The Mind's Perspective - Series 470

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