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Complete collection of the 2018 Tuesday study group.

The 2018 Tuesday study group explores the next movement of your own spirituality. It will pique the interest of your mind, your body, your emotions and your spirit to allow a creation that is reflective of the totality of yourself in relation to all that exists around you.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Applying The Spiritual Love To Reality (January)
2. Gaining An Understanding Of The Fear That Holds You Back (February)
3. Creating An Impact Into Existence Around You (March)
4. You, Too, Can Achieve Brilliance (April)
5. Guiding The Understanding Of The Essence Of Love (May)
6. Where Is God In All Of This? (June)
7. Expressing, Exploring, Being All That Is (July)
8. Moving To A Greater Manifestation Of Life Itself (August)
9. Removing All That Remains (September)
10. From Here, From There, Where Are We? (October)
11. Choosing The Next Format For Life's Incarnation (November)
12. New Moment, New Movement, New Concept, Let's Create (December)

Total listening time: 9:15:00

    More Of The Same - Study Group 1163

    SKU: 1163-c-18
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