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What is love? This series is an exploration of love, deep, broad, and beyond that which you've considered and comprehended so far. This is the eighth workshop of 2015.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Let's Reexamine What Love Is

2. Can You Really Define Love?

3. What Do You Miss Out Of Life?

4. What Are You Looking For?

5. The Space Between Two Atoms

6. Is Love A Particle, An Energy, Or A Movement?

7. Why Explore This At This Time?

8. Brilliance And Love, Can They Coexist?

9. Look Inside And See What You Have

10. Building From A Strong Foundation

11. Have You Discovered Your Foundation Or Are You Still Looking?

12. Creating Movement

13. Moving Beyond The Banalities Of Life

14. This Is Tripe, Let's Go Beyond It

15. You, Too, Can Explore If You But Choose

16. The Key To Longevity

17. So Simple, And Yet, So Complicated

18. Life, Love And Death

19. And, Once Again, You Resurrect

20. What's Your Next Step?

Total listening time: 5:31:00
Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Mining The Perspectives Of Love - Series 998

SKU: 998-c-15
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