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This series is an exploration, in complete detail, of your brilliance.


This series contains the following recordings:

1. Defining Brilliance

2. How Do You See Yourself?

3. What Expressions Have You Put Out So Far?

4. Have You Really Chosen Or Are You Playing?

5. Easy To Talk - Not So Easy To Do

6. Setting The Parameters For New Choices

7. Creating The Opportunity For Growth And Expansion

8. Let’s Discuss Your Real Choices

9. Are You Willing To Be Different?

10. Exploring The Difference Of You Now

11. Why Do You Fear Your Brilliance?

12. Same Old Circle - Shall We Try A New Tact?

13. Coming Up With New Ideas For Yourself

14. Fueling The Passion For Change

15. Let’s Look At Your Limits

16. Choosing Outside Of The Box

17. Brilliance At Its Best

18. What Are Your Plans For Manifestation?


Total listening time: 08:22:00


Manifesting Your Brilliance - Series 692

SKU: 692-c-09
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