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In the world you're in right now, you can't really fully express yourself spiritually. Although you can fully express yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, none of it is really expressing yourself spiritually.

So what does it mean to express yourself spiritually? In this powerful series, The Wonders guide and challenge you to express the spiritual self.

Includes the following recordings:

1. You've Explored Life, You've Explored Death, You've Explored Love, You've Explored Your Mind
2. Let's Explore Spirit
3. What Is It, The Spiritual Self?
4. Is It Definable?
5. Is It Practical And Pragmatic?
6. Can You Use It?
7. Will It Alter Your Life?
8. Rising To It, What Is It?
9. Is It Better Than Living?
10. But Aren't We Here To Live?
11. Can't Relate To Spiritual Self
12. Give It A Break, It's Time To Move On
13. The More Questions You Ask, The Less You Understand
14. But Isn't That The Way To Enlightenment?
15. And If It's Not, How Do I Get There?
16. Without A Roadmap, Am I Anything?
17. Can I Truly Begin To Become Spiritually Enlightened?
18. The Application Of The Spiritual Self To Your Life
19. Become The Experience Of Love
20. Death Is Not The Ending Of Spirit

Total listening time: 6:42:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Manifesting The Spiritual Self - Series 1183

SKU: 1183-c-19
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