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This session was entirely on cancer, its causes, and its possible cures.


- Why are so many choosing the cancer experience?

- Do tattoos contribute to cancer growth?

- Is the ozone layer depletion leading to massive melanoma in the world? Many add chemicals to the skin to avoid this.

- What are the effects on people worldwide with the Japanese nuclear plants meltdown?

- How do EMF waves affect the body in regards to cancer growth?

- What can we do to protect ourselves against damaging microwave frequencies?

- How serious a factor is wireless computer networks and mobile phone networks as for affecting development of cancer?

- Are far infrared saunas beneficial to the body?

- How does Asymya combat cancer?

- Prostate cancer is common in men. What is the specific cause for this cancer and choice to avoid it?

- Can you relate this shift that occurs in teleportation to the shift that occurs in healing cancer?

- What might be the emotional causality tied into testicular cancer? And how would you determine if the causality is emotional?

- Do annual mammograms actually cause cancer through a cumulative effects of radiation from x-rays?

- The Wonders have mentioned cancer being a concept. Can you expand on how shifting our perspective of ourselves would affect ourselves and likelihood to experience this concept of cancer?


Total listening time: 00:52:03

    Looking For Answers With The Wonders: Cancer April 10, 2011

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