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Whenever the mention of a new paradigm begins, you anticipate what a new paradigm could be. After all, it has to be better than what you have, it has to be different, it has to be an improvement. And so, new perspectives are created; new anticipations are reviewed. And though a new paradigm is created, it is based on anticipation.

The purpose of whole this series is not to create a paradigm through anticipation. It is to provide you with the benefit of a new way to exist, a new way of life. Some parts will be similar to what you already have; some parts will be different. But the key is not to anticipate the differences nor to anticipate that which would remain the same. The key is simply to explore that which The Wonders offer you in a way that would allow you the freedom to ask questions, to review the paradigm you?ve chosen, and most of all, to choose to provide yourself with the opportunity to reflect, to adjust, to recreate the existence in which you exist.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Exploring The Dream Itself
Whenever you think of a new paradigm, you anticipate what it will be. And so, a paradigm is created based on prejudgements. In order to live the dream of a new paradigm, you must be willing to explore the dream itself. Then, free choice is what creates the new paradigm.

2. What Is Stopping You Now?
When you justify your choices you create habits and patterns that stop you from choosing limitlessly. Moving beyond is the focus of this session.

3. Still Havent Chosen - Why Not?
As you explore a new paradigm, you focus on the present paradigm and fear shifting from it. As a result, every excuse is made to not choose differently.

4. Ten Practical Tips For Impracticality
As the title states, youll explore impracticality as a methodology for changing the paradigm of your existence.

5. Learning To Love The Self Regardless Of The Dream
Loving the self means you start making choices in your life that reflect the possibilities and probabilities of the dream you are dreaming.

6. Taking The Dream To The Next Level
In order to make the dream real, it must be chosen with intensity. Most people only wish for the dream to be real, and very few choose with intensity.

Total listening time: 5:33:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Living The Dream Of A New Paradigm - Series 419

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