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Is it possible to live consciously when the world around is gripped by fear?
In this retreat series, you will be guided to the realization that regardless of what occurs around you, you can live consciously. Along the way, you will explore control and command, fear, and be given practical ways to live differently to create a life of joy, happiness, and pleasure.


Includes the following recordings:


Day 1
1. Wow, I'm Really Scared
2. What Will Happen If
3. But I Can't Control Anything

Day 2
4. If I Only Had The Power
5. What Are The Leaders Doing?
6. The Movement Of Humanity

Day 3
7. Bells Are Ringing, What Does This Mean?
8. Can't Buy Love
9. Given The Freedom You Have

Day 4
10. Can I Make A Difference?
11. But My Life Is So Important
12. Do You Give Up Freedom To Get Freedom?

Day 5
13. Understanding The Limitations Of Practicality
14. Why Am I Not Limitless Now?
15. What Can Any Individual Or Group Do?

Day 6
16. Power, Wealth, How Are They Affecting The Individual?
17. Is Democracy Capable Of Surviving?
18. What Other System Will Humanity Move To?

Day 7
19. Isn't Dictatorship Easier?
20. Can The World Survive?
21. Final Discussion About Your Life

Total listening time: 10:57:00


Please note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Living A Conscious Life In A World Of Fear - 2019 Retreat

SKU: 1171-r-19
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