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Your definitions of prosperity are based on survival. But what is true prosperity?
True prosperity has to do with the ability to explore, to question, to be, rather than just the third-dimensional concepts of 'survival prosperity.'

In this series, you will realize that prosperity is a deepening and broadening of the self. Through exploration, through questioning, through understanding, you deepen your self-awareness and broaden it to the point where you become one with all that is. And if you move in that direction, then you have true prosperity.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Redefining Living
2. Prosperity And Its Definitions
3. Integrating The Concepts Within The Self
4. Moving Beyond Simply The Mind
5. Gaining An Understanding Of Life Itself
6. Choose. Choose. Why Not Just Choose?
7. This Title Won't Make Any Sense
8. Neither Will This One
9. However, This One Will
10. Let's Dig Deeper Than What You've Done So Far
11. You Think You Have It But You Haven't
12. Okay, Some Concepts. Not Much.
13. Let's Begin The Choice For Prosperity
14. Is Prosperity Wealth?
15. What Else Can It Be?
16. Given What You've Gained, Let's Explore Deeper
17. You're Still In Your Minds
18. More Can Be Done If You But Choose
19. What Is It To Live With Prosperity?
20. Now You Must Apply This

Total listening time: 5:39:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Live Long And Prosper - How Is This Done? - Series 1054

SKU: 1054-c-16
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