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How can the world change its behavior to be self-responsible and self-loving? In this series, The Wonders remind us that it is the soul's essence that must be reflected in everything we allow inside ourselves.
The game of politics is nothing more than a reflection of the 'inner politics' each of us has playing inside ourselves. Political games of push and pull, fear-mongering, and manipulation occur because of our own inner manipulation, fear, and insistence on seeing ourselves as less-than.
The Wonders also comment on the United States, its current downward spiral, and the loss of its soul, the very essence that made it great. Suggestions are made on what Americans must choose in order to change the downward spiral.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Speaking Of Politics
2. What Is The Political Climate Right Now?
3. Don't Realize Yet What It Is
4. No, This Isn't The Way It Is
5. But My Way Is Right
6. And Your Way Is Definitely Wrong
7. Why Is It So Difficult To Hear?
8. Why Is There No Hope?
9. Hope Has Tried And It Failed
10. Given The Circumstances, Is There Anything Else?
11. If The Understanding Changes, Will The Reality Change?
12. Why Is Citizenship So Important?
13. What Can One Person Do?
14. Are There Not Many Examples?
15. But All Of These Did Not Succeed
16. But At Least They Tried
17. Fear Not What You Cannot Change
18. Instead Fear What You Can
19. What Did That All Mean?
20. Reframing The Idea Of Politics

Total listening time: 7:42:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Let Your Politics Reflect Your Soul - Series 1234

SKU: 1234-c-20
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