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What does S E X mean to you? This series was designed to help you get past all of the fears, psychologies, judgments, and limitations you have around those three little letters, S E X. This series does require looking inside yourself and realizing the attachments you have to the limitations and definitions of those three letters, S E X. The Wonders also explore some fetishes, just for fun.


Includes the following recordings:


1. What Does S E X Mean?

2. Why Is It Such A Taboo?

3. What Are The Fears Surrounding Your Sexuality?

4. Give A Little – Take A Little – Have Some Fun

5. Haven't We Talked About This Before? Boring

6. It Does Require Choice – Doesn't It?

7. Can You Truly Free Yourself From Your Illusions Of Sex?

8. Discovering The Underpinnings Of Your Sexuality On A Person By Person Basis

9. Discovering The Underpinnings Of Your Sexuality – Person By Person Part 2

10. If You Could Choose Anything – What Would You Choose?

11. Touch Me – Feel Me – But Im Too Afraid

12. Lets Try 69 – What Does It Mean?

13. If You Give Will You Get – Or Do You Have To Get To Give?

14. Exercises To Stimulate The Senses

15. More Exercises – More Stimulation

16. No – No More Exercises

17. You Can Change – Now You Must

18. Freedom Comes From Choosing

19. Expressing Your New Sexuality

20. Are You Ready To Express Your Freedom?


Total listening time: 5:50:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Let's Talk About Sex - Series 829

SKU: 829-c-12
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