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Session 6 of study group 916: The Wonders Will Moderate This Discussion.


"This will be an exploration in which all of you must come invested and share your life experiences around those subjects. Discuss - we will moderate. In other words, we will basically stop all of you from speaking at the same time. But beyond that, we may, if we choose, add our comments to it and then again, we may not. You'll only find out in the moments.


But this is an opportunity for all of you to really expand your sharing muscles. Your beingness, your brilliance. So it's for you to choose. That's how we'll moderate it: we won't interfere much (chuckle, chuckle). We may interfere a little (chuckle, chuckle.) But then again, we may not." - The Wonders

Let's Talk About Nature - 6 of 12

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