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Though the title of this series is about fat, it will not be the fat that you think that 'fat' is, for 'fat' presents itself in a variety of different ways. You will explore underlying belief structures; concepts, constructs that you've created for yourselves that bring 'fat' to you. You will explore ideas far beyond simple body fat; and, if you choose, you can shift your psychologies and belief structures sufficiently to alter your existence and to bring about a 'leanness' in your life. 

Includes the following recordings:

1. I Cant Stop Eating, Whats Wrong With Me?

2. Life Without Food - Oh Dear

3. Tell Me, When Did You Discover Youre Obese?

4. Lets Play With Power

5. Is Large The Same As Obese?

6. So Im Fat - Who Cares?

Total listening time: 5:32:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Let's Get Fat - Series 364

SKU: 364-c-03
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