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Learning to love the self is one of the most difficult aspects you'll ever encounter. This series continues the exploration of relationships by exploring the degree to which power is given to societal, spiritual, and religious concepts of what relationships are or should be. Are you willing to invest yourself in order to uncover for yourselves the degree to which you judge yourselves, and, in effect, the degree to which you don't judge yourselves?

Includes the following recordings:

1. If This Is Who I Am, Who Are You?
We judge others in order to define ourselves. Only through self-appreciation can we truly know another.

2. Can I Ogle?
Society has judged self-appreciation as a sin; but, without it, we cannot learn to love ourselves.

3. What Makes You So Different?
In order to explore loving the self, we must be willing to move beyond self-judgment.

4. If Only I Had What You Have
Wanting what everyone else supposedly has makes us forget to appreciate ourselves.

5. The Ying, The Yang To Relationships
An exploration of the polarities that exist in relationships.

6. Love Is Blind, Are You?
By judging ourselves, we distance ourselves from the 6th Defining Statement, creating insufficiency in ourselves.

Total listening time: 5:15:00
Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Learning To Love the Self - Series 348

SKU: 348-c-02
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