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In this series, you will gain an appreciation of what communication is about. You will explore different aspects, different perspectives, designed to expand your own communication abilities. Recognize, however, that this particular workshop will not change you, unless you choose. You must choose to use the knowledge and the awarenesses gained from this (or any other) workshop and to apply it into your existence. For, in order to communicate, you must be willing to share yourself completely. It is only your fears that stop you from choosing to do so.

Includes the following recordings:


1. The Value Of The Spoken Word

Communication is more than just expressing words - it is about the energy behind the words.


2. Why Dont You Listen?

Listening is about interpreting what you've heard. An examination of how interpretation occurs.


3. Repeat After Me

A look at how repetition of energy establishes communication.


4. Lets Walk The Talk

To communicate, we must be willing to become the example by extending our energy to others.


5. Why Am I Afraid?

Fear prevents us from extending our energy outwards, and, therefore, limits the effectiveness of communication.


6. The Compassion Of Love

Loving ourselves, regardless of choices made, expands our ability to extend ourselves, and, therefore, communicate.


Total listening time: 5:48:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Learning to Communicate - Series 215

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