This series is an exploration on lateral thinking and all the things that hold you from it. The series is not designed to tell you how to laterally think, and is instead designed to show you why you're not laterally thinking.


Session Titles:


1. Wheres Your Mind?


2. Why Is It There?


3. Whats It Doing?


4. Must I Explain It?


5. Is There A Reason For This?


6. Lets Jump Sideways


7. Try Something New


8. Forget Try – Lets Do


9. Lets Play With That Thing


10. Tickle – Tickle – Is It Working?


11. Darn Glue – It Just Keeps Holding Me


12. If Flies Are To Shit What Bees Are To Honey – What Am I?


13. Rediscovering My True Mind


14. Wow – Arent You Fascinating!


15. Giving Up Or Not – What Am I Doing?


16. Moving Forward – Why Am I Going Back?


17. But My Feet Are Pointing Forward


18. Coppertone Had Nothing On Me


19. Its My Ass – Its My Bathing Suit – Let Go


20. Lets Pretend – Oh No – Lets Pretend


Total listening time: 11:38:00

Lateral Thinking And Its Benefits - Series 904

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