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Complete collection of the 2011 Thursday study group entitled “Lacking Creativity, There Is No Title.”

This whole exploration will be an exploration of creativity, the lack within you of it, why you can’t tap into it, what’s holding you back from it, and what else can you do; choose, explore to shift this blockage that exists within you. How’s that? - The Wonders

Includes the following recordings:


January - 1. Digging Past The Lack
February - 2. What Is Creativity?
March - 3. Tell Me What To Do - I’ll Do It
April - 4. Can’t Figure This Out - Don’t Know How
May - 5. Damn - Is That All There Is To This?
June - 6. Tickling The Creative Bone
July - 7. Playing In The Universe
August - 8. Expanding Creativity Through Play
September - 9. Reframing The Concept Of Creativity That The Mind Has
October - 10. Choice And Creativity – Digging Deeper With This
November - 11. Almost There – Almost - Almost
December - 12. Sigh - I’m Finally Creative - I Think

Lacking Creativity, There Is No Title - Study Group 811

SKU: 811-c-11
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