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The first workshop of 2017 sets the roadmap for the deepest and broadest exploration of spirituality. This important series is a recording of a live workshop with The Wonders.
Listen along as workshop participants realize that their unwillingness to command the mind has allowed the mind to live as if its life was important. The Wonders introduce the concept of living from the self and not the mind to create a life not driven by judgment, fear, and guilt.


Includes the following recordings:

1. This Is Joy
2. And This Is Henry
3. So What Does Joy Have Over Henry?
4. What Does Henry Have Over Joy?
5. Why Are We Moving In This Direction?
6. It's To Understand All That You Can Be
7. Every Choice, Every Opportunity
8. Is An Experience Of Joy
9. Even Though These Titles
10. Follow Each Other
11. We Assure You, The Sessions
12. Will Not Follow Each Other
13. Oh, You Wonders
14. You're Always Fooling
15. Why Do I Get Frustrated?
16. Because You Can
17. What's The joy In That?
18. Because You Are
19. But Where Is Joy?
20. Look In The Mirror

Total listening time: 5:51:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Joy, Love, Life, Living It Again - Series 1070

SKU: 1070-c-17
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