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Twenty years after first exploring the mind in the Control Vs. Command series, The Wonders present the missing link to unleashing the talents and abilities that until now you have limited to the five physical senses.

In this series, you will be brought to an understanding of your mind's power. To do this, you will dig deeper than you've ever thought of before. So prepare yourself to question, to discover, and uncover for yourself your mind.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Greetings. Here We Are.
2. Please, How Do You Perceive Us?
3. That Which You See Is Judged
4. That Which Is Judged Is Justified
5. That Which Is Justified Is Chosen
6. All Of The Mind Is Involved
7. Concepts And Constructs To Explore
8. Mind Your P's and Q's
9. Deciding Once Again How To Bern
10. Have You Thought It Through?
11. Giving The Mind Free Reign
12. Can You Explore Without The Mind?
13. Mental Exploration And Its Effects On Reality
14. What Is The Basis Of Existence?
15. Feed The Mind, Starve The Soul
16. Are You Getting A Message Yet?
17. Stop Thinking, You're Using It Too Much
18. Every Movement Taken Is A Series Of Choices
19. Fix The Issue Not The Problem
20. Find Your Center OF Balance

Total listening time: 5:27:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Join Us Into A Journey Of The Mind - Series 1203

SKU: 1203-c-19
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