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An exploration of the concepts and constructs of life and death and what lies beyond them.
This will be an exploration of the interrelationship between death and life, the deep-rooted psychologies that form the foundation of third-dimensional reality, and how this will affect your existence, your life, and what the probabilities and possibilities are for you to explore.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Reviewing The Understanding Of The Correlation Of Each
2. Why Do We Favor One Over Another?
3. Beginning A New Journey
4. A Breath Of Finality
5. Greeting Yourself
6. Finding The Illusion And The Continuity
7. If I Pull This Thread, Will It All Come Apart?
8. Why Does Life Push Against Death And Death Push Against Life?
9. Uncovering The Deep-Rooted Psychologies
10. The Foundation Of All Of Third Dimensional Reality
11. So Simple, And Yet So Complicated This Foundation Is
12. Allowing Yourself To Imagine More
13. Let's Not Push Against Death
14. Is There A Push Against Life?
15. Understanding The Dynamic Of Choice Between Opposites
16. The More You Ask, The More You Discover
17. What Does This Mean To The Life You Live Now?
18. Holding On Without Fear
19. A Choice Made From Freedom
20. Death And Life? So Beautiful, So Amazing, So Loving

Total listening time: 6:37:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Is Life And Death Necessary? - Series 1258

SKU: 1258-c-20
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