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Insufficiency is often viewed as a lack of something. Most times, as a lack of sufficiency. As a result, when you view yourself as insufficient, you begin the process of defining and judging yourself as lacking that which you're not. And, of course, it's easy at that point to view yourself from that perspective. For, after all, just look at yourself, and take exactly what you don't have, and that must make you insufficient. And so you begin the process of defining insufficiency from that perspective. In this series, The Wonders suggest you refrain from viewing yourself as lacking anything and answer the questions surrounding your perceived insufficiency.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Let's Define Insufficiency
Insufficiency is defined as a state of denial of our sufficiency, or our very beingness.

2. When Is This Applied?
Even though we seem to always be on a quest to be sufficient, we seldom apply our awareness about it. Now, not later, is the time to do so.

3. If I'm Insufficient What Does That Make You?
Instead of observing our sufficiency, we constantly measure ourselves against everything around us and come up short, creating the illusion that we are insufficient.

4. Why Are You so Powerful?
We give our power away to anything that we think holds the key - the answer - to our illusions, not realizing that we are the answer that we seek.

5. All This Work - I'm Sure I Have It Right
Because we use anticipation to achieve sufficiency, we never really achieve it. We are instead caught up with the assumptions that anticipation has created.

6. Let's Recap Insufficiency
Regardless of our illusions, we are sufficient. This cant change. But by choosing freely and frequently, we can begin to like our sufficiency, and eventually, ourselves.

Total listening time: 5:22:00

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Is It Insufficient To Be Insufficient - Series 373

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