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What does death mean to you? Is it something you only experience at the end of your life? Is it something to fear? Is it something to avoid?
In this series, The Wonders explore how you use the concept of death to define and limit your existence. Throughout the workshop, you will be presented with opportunities to manifest your spiritual existence more by realizing that death is nothing more than a momentary moment within a construct of continuity and constancy.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Last Year You Explored Love, This Year Now It's Death
2. Oh My God, I'm Dead
3. What Do I Do?
4. Don't Understand This
5. Can't Believe It
6. What's Next?
7. This Is Fearful
8. Is It Really?
9. Can't Believe This Again
10. All Right, All Right, I'll Start
11. But What If?
12. Should I?
13. This Is More Difficult Than I Thought
14. Why Am I Thinking?
15. Where Is This Coming From?
16. Oh Dear, What Have I Done?
17. Can I Truly Let Go?
18. I Think, Therefore, Am I?
19. What Can I Choose?
20. Maybe, Maybe Today, Maybe, Maybe Not

Total listening time: 5:04:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Is Death An Ending? - Series 1170

SKU: 1170-c-19
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