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How would you define intensity? Most individuals, when faced with the concept of intensity, perceive it as being something large, something excessive, something greater than, something that is, in effect, judged. The Wonders have suggested in the past that intensity has nothing to do with judgment. Yet still, you view intensity from the perspective of your own self-judgments. In this series, The Wonders explore all aspects of intensity to understand what it really is.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Redefining Intensity
The Wonders provide you with a new awareness of intensity, one not based on judgment, but rather one based on experience.

2. Playing With The Redefinition
Through interaction with session participants, The Wonders continue the exploration of intensity.

3. Exploring The Playing
In this session, if you choose to follow the directions given by The Wonders, you'll explore intensity at a deeper and broader level.

4. What Does Mud have To Do With This?
Moving beyond your own boundaries and limits is the focus of this session.

5. It Can't Be This Simple
Once again, you explore intensity - only this time, you'll realize how simple intensity really is.

6. Blink And Youll Miss It
The mind will always get into the definition of intensity, but choice will help you maintain your realizations.


Total listening time: 4:30:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Intensity And Its Benefits - Series 407

SKU: 407-c-04
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